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In the 7" 45rpm section when the term “French-only PS" or “UK-only PS” (or any other country) appears, that means the photo on that picture sleeve is exclusive to that country and not available (to our knowledge) elsewhere. Some customers assume that it means that we are offering the picture sleeve only, without the record. This is not the case. If we were (and on occasion we do) it would state “PS-only, no record”. ALL SEVEN INCH ITEMS HAVE RECORDS INCLUDED UNLESS IT IS STATED “NO RECORD” IN THE DESCRIPTION

7” - Standard 45 RPM record

10” - 10” single

12” - 12" single

CD - Compact Disc

CD3 - 3" Compact Disc Single

CD5 - 5” Compact Disc Single

CO - Cut-out hole, cut corner

COMP - Compilation

DJ - Disc Jockey copy, same as promo release

DOL - Date on label

Double Single - Two single set (2 records)

EP - Extended Play 45, CD, or 12” w/ 3 or more songs

GATEFOLD or GATE PS - Picture sleeve that opens up like a book

GATE PS/DOUBLE - 2 single set housed in a book-type open up picture sleeve with one record in each sleeve

LP - 12” vinyl album

LONG/SHORT or L/S - same song on both sides, but different lengths, usually found on promo copies of 45 RPM singles

LABEL TEAR - Tear on label (99% of the time it is minor)

MONO - Monophonic pressing

MONO/STEREO or M/S - Same song on both sides, one side in mono, one side in stereo

NON-LP - Song not on full length LP or CD

NCR - Not released commercially, promotional-only issue

OST - Original soundtrack

PROMO - Promotional release

PS - Picture sleeve

POPS - Promo-only picture sleeve

PROMO ONLY - Item never officially released, available as a promo issue only

POSTER PS - Picture sleeve that folds open into a display poster (usually 14x21)

QUAD - Quadraphonic pressing

RE - Reissue

RPM - Revolutions per minute

STEREO - Stereo pressing

SM. SPLT - Seam split

SOPS - Sticker on picture sleeve

SOL - Sticker on label

SS - Still sealed

S/T - Self-titled

TEST - Pre-release test pressing

TS - Title sleeve

TOC - Tape on cover

TOL - Tape on label

VA - Various artists

WOS - Writing on picture sleeve

WOL - Writing on label

WLTEST - White label pre-release test pressing

WLP - White label promo

YLP - Yellow label promo

XOL - “x” on label (usually found on early promo copies to designate “a” side)

#OL - Number on label 


CD EP - Extended play compact disc single w/3 or more songs

CD SINGLE - Compact disc single, usually with 2 songs

DIGI/DIGIPACK - Cardboard sleeve that opens like book and houses the CD in a tray

JB - Jewel Box (conventional plastic CD case)

LTD ED or #RD LTD ED - Limited edition item usually available for only a short period of time

PIC INLAY - The insert that is contained in the front part of the CD case

PS - Picture sleeve, normally a cardboard sleeve that holds the CD

SAMPLER - A selection of songs from a full length compact disc or LP


7” picture disc - A 7” 45 RPM single with a photo or artwork pressed directly onto the playing surface of the vinyl

Shaped picture disc - A 45 RPM single in a specific shape with a photo or artwork pressed directly onto the playing surface of the vinyl

12” or LP picture disc - A 12” single or LP record album with a photo or artwork pressed directly onto the playing surface of the vinyl

Uncut shaped picture disc - A shaped picture disc which has yet to be cut to shape. It is a full 12” round disc with clear vinyl outside of the shape area

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